OKLAHOMA CITY – The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma late last week launched Mobile Justice OK, a free smartphone app that allows Oklahomans to automatically record and upload cell phone videos of public interactions with law enforcement to the ACLU of Oklahoma. The same app is simultaneously being launched in 9 other states, including: Arizona, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington DC. The Mobile Justice App is already in use in California, Colorado, Missouri, New York, and Oregon. Mobile Justice OK is available for use on Android and iOS phones and can be downloaded for free through Apple’s AppRead More →

Yes, we got your telephone calls, social media inquires — and the emails, too. For several weeks now, we’ve received dozens and dozens of questions about what’s next for the Ten Commandments monument placed at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Here’s what we can tell you: Right now ACLU of Oklahoma is waiting for a judicial mandate from the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Executive Director Ryan Kiesel said the state Supreme Court would issue instructions to Oklahoma County District Judge Thomas Prince. “Once the Oklahoma Supreme Court issues its mandate, which could be any day now, then it’s up to Judge Prince to act,” he said. “AfterRead More →

August 11, 2015 Oklahoma City–Scott Carter, an award-winning investigative reporter, has joined the staff of the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma, Executive Director Ryan Kiesel said today. Carter will serve as the the ACLU of Oklahoma’s Director of Investigative Communications, a new position at the ACLU of Oklahoma that will support the ACLU’s work in courthouses and the state capitol by telling the often untold stories about the state of civil liberties in Oklahoma. “Scott Carter is a gifted journalist and has a deep understanding of Oklahoma government, law and history and an insatiable determination to find the truth.  I am confident his workRead More →

Oklahoma Agrees To Bring Public Assistance Agencies into Compliance with the Law NEW YORK, WASHINGTON and OKLAHOMA CITY (July 30, 2015) – Voting rights advocates and Oklahoma officials announced today that a settlement has been reached to provide more effective voter registration opportunities to citizens throughout the state. This effort began last summer when the Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League, the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma and Metropolitan Tulsa, and YWCA Tulsa notified Paul Ziriax, the Secretary of the Oklahoma State Election Board, that it appeared Oklahoma’s public assistance agencies were not offering clients a meaningful opportunity to register to vote. Under the National VoterRead More →

In the wake of the Ten Commandments decision, many Oklahomans rightly have questions about the court case itself and Article 2, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution. And with all of the political posturing coming from various sources, it can be understandably difficult to tell fact from fiction. On behalf of our clients in this case (all Christians who view the Ten Commandments as sacred to their faith) we have been studying this important part of our Constitution for many years, researching the history behind Oklahoma’s Constitution, including reading documents from the very convention that gave birth to our great state. With that in mind,Read More →

Court holds in ACLU case that government’s display of monument violates Oklahoma Constitution June 30, 2015 OKLAHOMA CITY – Today, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the state’s display of a Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol lawn violates the Oklahoma Constitution and must be removed.  The case was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma and the national ACLU on behalf of a local Baptist minister and several other citizens. Legislators authorized the monument in 2009, and it was installed in late 2012 on the north side of the Capitol grounds—a location the Capitol’s architect had deemed suitable for “reflection” on theRead More →

June 26, 2015 Oklahoma City – The Supreme Court of the United States issued a historic ruling this morning. In its ruling in the case of Obergefell v Hodges, the nation’s highest court held that the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees the freedom to marry for all Americans, invalidating the 13 remaining discriminatory marriage laws around the country. Oklahoma joined the ranks of states recognizing marriage equality on October 6, 2014 when the  Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of the 10th Circuit decision in Bishop v Smith. Today’s decision falls on an already historic date in the history of LGBTRead More →