by ACLU Staffers: Candace Liger, Amy Gioletti, and Nicole McAfee If the “Tussle at the Tower,” the final debate between candidates for Oklahoma County Sheriff, taught us anything, it’s that desperately needed reforms for the Oklahoma County Jail will not likely come from the next occupant of the Sheriff’s office. The three candidates, (acting) Sheriff P.D. Taylor (R), Oklahoma County Sergeant Mike Hanson (D), and former Canadian County Undersheriff Ed Grimes (I), discussed inmates, felons, and prisoners, but rarely broke with tired talking points and status quo policies. With an excess of 2,000 folks locked in cages in the Oklahoma County Jail on any given day,Read More →

Today the ACLU of Oklahoma released the first of a seven part video series showcasing the human rights catastrophe within the Oklahoma County jail. The series is inspired by this week’s “Wheel of Justice” gimmick on local news featuring the Oklahoma County Sheriff. A host spun a wheel of men and women charged with a variety of crimes then asked the public for help apprehending the “winner” of the spin. This type of “game show” coverage has been aired in a handful of states across the U.S., so ACLU Community Organizer, Candace Liger, took the idea in a new direction. The ACLU created a versionRead More →