Join the ACLU to march in this year’s Pride Parade. The first 40 people who volunteer to march with the ACLU will receive a free ACLU of Oklahoma Pride T-shirt. The parade will be held on Sunday, June 26th. Those wishing to march should arrive no later than 5 pm. The parade begins at 6 pm starting at Memorial Park. For more information, or to volunteer, please e-mail Allie Shinn!Read More →

If you would like to receive legislative update emails from the ACLU of Oklahoma, please send your contact information to: The ACLU of Oklahoma needs your help. We do not want this session to be an assault on civil liberties. We need people to get involved in the democratic process. Despite what you have heard, one phone call, one email, or one visit to you legislator can make a difference. Legislators work for you, and they need to hear from their constituents. Below is a list of bills that concern us. We have decided that these will have a severe civil liberty impact andRead More →