The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma stands with our brothers and sisters at Planned Parenthood in the wake of last weekend’s act of domestic terrorism in Colorado. We also join them in expressing our sincerest condolences and thoughts to the innocent victims and their families. We will continue to work with Planned Parenthood to ensure that women continue to have access to safe and legally protected health care, including the right to have an abortion. The ACLU of Oklahoma will never stand idly by while the fundamental rights of women are threatened, regardless of where that threat comes from.Read More →

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McLOUD – About ten years ago, Tondalo Hall was sent to prison. Hall, who was 20 at the time, received a 30-year sentence for failing to protect her children from child abuse. Her boyfriend, Robert Braxton, was charged with four counts of child abuse. Law enforcement officials said Braxton broke the ribs and femur of the couple’s three-month-old daughter. Braxton was violent to both Hall and her children. Hall testified that Braxton choked her, punched her and grabbed her around the neck on several occasions. And though enforcement officials agreed Hall didn’t abuse her children, they said Hall had failed to protect the children becauseRead More →


By Ryan Kiesel A week has passed since the attacks in Paris. The loss remains difficult to comprehend and the effect on our collective conscious is still unsettling. It’s only natural that when our sense of safety is undermined that we grasp for something or someone to tell us how to keep ourselves and or loved ones safe from future threats. We can only hope that we never become so numb to such tragedies that fear and pain is not present in the aftermath. And while the perpetrators of such attacks intend to instill this fear, they can only consider themselves victorious if we inRead More →


OKLAHOMA CITY – The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma late last week launched Mobile Justice OK, a free smartphone app that allows Oklahomans to automatically record and upload cell phone videos of public interactions with law enforcement to the ACLU of Oklahoma. The same app is simultaneously being launched in 9 other states, including: Arizona, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington DC. The Mobile Justice App is already in use in California, Colorado, Missouri, New York, and Oregon. Mobile Justice OK is available for use on Android and iOS phones and can be downloaded for free through Apple’s AppRead More →


OKLAHOMA CITY — Charlene Ramey will get her day in court. The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled 9-0 Tuesday that Ramey had standing as a parent to petition a district court for a determination of parental rights and custody in a case involving her son. In 2014, Ramey filed a lawsuit seeking custody of the child after she and her partner, Kimberly Sutton, separated. Shortly after Ramey filed her original case, Sutton asked Oklahoma County District Judge Howard Haralson to dismiss Ramey’s petition. On March 5, Haralson granted the dismissal. Tuesday’s ruling, considered a landmark ruling for state same-sex child custody cases, said the Oklahoma County District Court erred when it dismissed Ramey’s petition. Writing for the majority, Justice Joseph WattRead More →

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Ten years ago, Charlene Ramey became a mother. Two years ago, an eviction notice took her son away from her. Since then, Ramey’s life has been framed against a backdrop of tears and gut-wrenching pain—a deep, unending pain over the loss of her son. Biologically, the boy is the child of Ramey’s ex-partner—but in the practical sense, Ramey said she is the child’s mother. “The coaches, the teachers—everyone—knew that I was the hands-on parent,” she said. “I was mom. He called me mom from the very beginning.” Two years after her break-up, Ramey said she was pushed aside and completely eliminated fromRead More →


OKLAHOMA CITY – Officials with the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma filed a lawsuit against Governor Mary Fallin’s office Monday, seeking documents about how Fallin and her staff have handled the execution of two condemned inmates and how the governor addressed the state inspection of long-term care facilities. The lawsuit, filed in Oklahoma County District Court, comes just weeks after Fallin’s office released more than 40,000 pages of documents, most of which were copies of emailed newsletters or were heavily redacted. “Apparently, it takes a court action to get correct records from the governor’s office,” Brady Henderson, ACLU Oklahoma Legal Director, said. “So we’re going backRead More →