October 1, 2014 OKLAHOMA CITY – Following yesterday’s announcement The following is attributable to Ryan Kiesel, ACLU of Oklahoma Executive Director: The new execution protocols are a slap in Oklahoma’s face. The government took a process already corrupted by secrecy and made it even more difficult for the public to know anything about it. Director Patton and Governor Fallin may not understand what “accountability” means, but the people of Oklahoma do. The ACLU of Oklahoma will continue its fight to ensure the people are able to exercise that right. The following response is attributable to Brady Henderson, ACLU of Oklahoma Legal Director: The new protocolsRead More →

September 19, 2014 Oklahoma City– In response to Oklahoma County District Judge Thomas Prince’s ruling in favor of the State’s motion for summary judgement in Prescott, et. al. v. Capitol Preservation Commission, the ACLU of Oklahoma makes the following statement: The following is attributable to Brady Henderson, Legal Director, ACLU of Oklahoma: “We respectfully disagree with the decision of the court. The plaintiffs in this case do not seek the removal of the Ten Commandments monument from the State Capitol lawn because they find the text of the monument offensive, but rather because, like many Oklahomans, the Ten Commandments constitute a core part of theirRead More →

September 11, 2014 OKLAHOMA CITY – The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma today filed suit in Logan County District Court requesting a court order to compel Logan County Sheriff Jim Bauman to turn over records of a web-based database called “Black Asphalt,” previously kept secret from those outside law-enforcement and which tracks the activities of thousands of American citizens without their knowledge or consent and without any apparent legal authority to do so. The database was created by Joe David, the founder of Desert Snow, LLC, a Guthrie, Oklahoma based private company whose employees were caught impersonating police officers in Caddo County last yearRead More →

September 9, 2014 OKLAHOMA CITY–The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma Foundation filed an appeal on behalf of Vandelay Entertainment, the publisher of the news and satire blog TheLostOgle.com, in its suit against Governor Mary Fallin. The case came about when the Governor denied a lawful request to release 100 pages of public records she refused to turn over regarding her decision to reject medicaid expansion. Twenty months after receiving an Open Records Request The Lost Ogle, and over fourteen months after the ACLU of Oklahoma filed suit to compel their release, Governor Fallin handed over 100 pages of emails regarding her decision to rejectRead More →

September 4, 2014 Oklahoma City– In response to a summary report of findings from an internal, partisan review of the events before, during, and after the State of Oklahoma’s botched execution of Clayton Lockett, the ACLU of Oklahoma makes the following statement:   The following is attributable to Ryan Kiesel, Executive Director, ACLU of Oklahoma: It is appalling that the State of Oklahoma would try to pass this report off as the result of an independent inquiry when it is anything but independent. This incomplete report attempts to make light of fundamental failures that took place during the exercise of the government’s greatest authority; theRead More →