OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin stayed the execution of Richard Glossip late Wednesday afternoon, less than an hour after the United States Supreme Court denied Glossip’s request for an emergency stay. The 37-day stay is the second in the past two weeks for Glossip. Late Wednesday afternoon, Fallin’s office issued a brief statement: “Last minute questions were raised today about Oklahoma’s execution protocol and the chemicals used for lethal injection,” Fallin’s statement said. “After consulting with the attorney general and the Department of Corrections, I have issued a 37 day stay of execution while the state addresses those questions and ensures it is complying fully withRead More →


UPDATE — Embattled Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz submitted a letter of resignation to Gov. Mary Fallin Thursday. Glanz’s short, two-paragraph letter said his resignation would be effective on Nov. 1. Glanz asked Fallin to call for a special election “to fill the vacancy as soon as possible.” Friday, the governor issued an executive order, setting the primary election for March 1, 2016. The special general election would be April 5, 2016. Filing period for the post, the governor’s order indicated, is Dec. 7, 8 and 9.   TULSA — The Tulsa World newspaper reported Wednesday that Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz will resign from hisRead More →


UPDATE: The United States Supreme Court has denied a stay of execution for Richard Glossip; Justice Steven Breyer said he would have granted a stay. About two dozen people stood on the sidewalk in front of the Governor’s Mansion Wednesday, making a final effort to stop of the execution of Richard Glossip. Glossip was set to be executed at 3 p.m. Wednesday. Glossip has maintained that he is innocent in the 1997 murder of his boss, Barry Van Treese. The case has draw international scrutiny, including a plea from Sister Helen Prejean, actress Susan Sarandon and Pope Francis, who sent a letter to Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin.  Read More →

banned books 2

This week is Banned Books Week and here at the ACLU of Oklahoma we are all about freedom. So to celebrate — and to encourage everyone to read a banned book — we’ve asked some of our favorite people to tell us about their favorite banned book. Linda Edmondson and former Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson: To Kill a Mockingbird is a treasure.  It is hard to believe that anyone, anywhere, would consider banning this book.  Reading about Jem and Scout growing up, the adventures they have and the people they meet was a delight.  The strong influence of their father Atticus made made us wish we had livedRead More →

Members of the audience wait for a vote by the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission voted 7-1 Tuesday to direct the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to remove a controversial monument of the 10 Commandments from the grounds of the state Capitol building. One member of the commission, Lou Kerr, abstained from voting. The vote took place during a special meeting of the commission. Linda Edmondson, a senior member of the Capitol Preservation Commission chaired the meeting. Edmondson, the wife of former state attorney general Drew Edmondson, said the special meeting was necessary because the commission’s next scheduled meeting was Oct. 15. Edmondson said she chaired the meeting because the commission’s chairman and viceRead More →

26 oklahomans

Story & Photographs by M. Scott Carter TULSA — Dewayne is a priest.  Aubrey retired from the military.  Mary and Sharon are journalists. Kirk works for the state. Laura wants children. Neill is a pastor. Jesse is a musician. Angela has her doctorate. Some are professionals; a few are homemakers. Some have retired. All of them were recently married. For 13 Oklahoma couples the argument over marriage equality wasn’t just about the Constitution, states’ rights or the rule of the judiciary in policy making. Instead, for these men and women, the entire debate over same-sex marriage came down to a single, four-letter word. Love. “I neverRead More →