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It’s easy to support the important work of the ACLU of Oklahoma. Become a card-carrying member. Volunteer your time. Make a tax deductible gift to the ACLU of Oklahoma Foundation. No matter how you help, know that your support, in all its forms, is incredibly important to us. We couldn’t protect freedoms without you.


The ACLU is a membership organization with over 1,500 members. Join the growing number of Oklahomans who are committed to protecting our freedoms.


Our legal program, as well as our public policy, outreach, and educational programs are all supported by gifts to the Foundation. Your tax deductible gift makes a huge difference in the work we do day-to-day.


No matter how little or how much time you have—from a few hours a month to several hours a week—we have important and satisfying work for you to do, either at our Oklahoma City office or in your home town.