Our Work

Litigation & Legal Advocacy

Our legal department works to protect and defend civil liberties through court litigation as well as legal advocacy outside the courtroom. With limited resources, we must be very selective in the cases we choose. We receive over 2,000 requests for legal assistance each year. The ACLU of Oklahoma currently employs two full-time attorneys and also relies on the work of dedicated cooperating attorneys from around the state who are willing to donate their time to assist our struggle for liberty. Learn more.

Public Policy & Legislation

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma believes that the best way to protect the Bill of Rights and the freedoms it guarantees is to ensure that unconstitutional bills never become law. During each legislative session, we track numerous bills that address important issues that affect our freedoms, and we provide testimony around these bills in the Oklahoma legislature. The ACLU of Oklahoma employs one full-time lobbyist to represent our organization at the Capitol. Learn more.

Public Education

A primary goal of the ACLU of Oklahoma is to educate our members and the public about their rights and freedoms, as well as to promote and enhance educational programs across the state. The ACLU engages and informs Oklahomans through, among other things, town hall meetings, publications, “Know Your Rights” trainings, speakers and panels, youth development, rallies, and media. We believe an educated and informed citizenry is the most crucial tool in protecting the rights of all Americans. Learn more.