Public Education

Education & Outreach

At the ACLU of Oklahoma, we believe an active and informed citizenry is the best tool to protect civil liberties. If you know your constitutionally protected rights, it will be much more difficult for the government — or anyone — to take them away. Due to this belief, a primary goal of the ACLU of Oklahoma is to educate our members and the public about their rights and freedoms. The ACLU of Oklahoma seeks to promote and enhance educational programs across the state.

We offer as part of our Education and Outreach Program, among other things, town hall meetings, trainings, speakers, and panels. We also offer several “Know Your Rights” publications, which are designed to educate the public on a wide range of civil liberties issues. We strive to continually expand all our publications, and update the existing ones as necessary.

Members and volunteers are crucial to the ACLU’s education and outreach efforts. Please consider becoming a member and signing up to be a volunteer today. If you are interested in helping the ACLU expand our state-wide presence, please consider hosting a town hall meeting to highlight one or more of the ACLU’s critical issues.