Occupy Protest Resources

The ACLU of Oklahoma is committed to the First Amendment and the right to peaceably assemble.  Below you’ll find a collection of resources on your rights as a protester.


  • For general information on your right to protest, check out the ACLU of Oklahoma’s guide to knowing your rights as a protester.
  • For information on what to do if you’re stopped by the police, please see the ACLU’s Know Your Rights When Encountering Law Enforcement.
  • Want to know if you have the right to take photographs and videotape the police?  Read the ACLU’s guide, Know Your Rights as a Photographer. 
  • Have you been arrested at an Occupy Protest?  If you feel you were mistreated by the police or if you were questioned about your political activities and associations, please contact the ACLU of Oklahoma.  Email us at acluok@acluok.org or call us at (405) 524-8511.

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