Public Policy & Legislation

Recent news about ACLU of Oklahoma legal cases:

The ACLU of Oklahoma believes that the best way to protect the Bill of Rights and the freedoms it guarantees is to ensure that unconstitutional bills never become law. Our legislative program reflects the commitment of our organization to protect and promote civil liberties in the challenging political climate in which we live. The ACLU of Oklahoma employs one full-time lobbyist, who is responsible for monitoring and attempting to influence a wide range of legislation affecting civil liberties in the Oklahoma State Legislature. Our legislative work includes educating legislators about ACLU positions, drafting legislation on priority issues, lobbying on bills affecting civil liberties, testifying or arranging for testimony on bills, and building coalitions to pursue or battle legislative initiatives.

Our legislative program tackles a wide range of civil liberties issues, including criminal justice, freedom of speech, voting rights, LGBT rights, reproductive freedom, privacy, racial justice, immigrants’ rights, and religious freedom.

ACLU members are a vital part of our lobbying efforts. A network of ACLU members stand ready to contact their elected officials on state legislation. If you want to affect change, your elected officials need to hear from you. Please consider joining our email alert list and becoming a volunteer.